07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people in jail gram weed watching cosby go free
grandpa willy wonka factory 20 years in bed disability fraud investigator
kids rid realize parents didnt really carry what happened to us
coke cola 15 pack 3 more cans plus 12 dont all suck at math
tv sit told you no reading or thinking for yourself
hunter biden hotter than spoon at house
psaki republicans responsible for huge increase crime doesnt exist
jim jones got people drink koolaid dr fauic childs play
famous puppet duos biden walter dunham obama
babylon bee replaces slave leia with burqa jabba

Quote of the Day

quote dont know everyone saying army is woke offended

Even Obama/Clinton Admin Economist Gets It

Clinton/Obama Economist Warns of Hyperinflation Threat from Biden Policies

impending hyperinflation economic collapse 1400 stimulus checks
jessica jones who could have seen inflated prices libertarians

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet felder liberal names sellout uncle tom
tweet karl vincent sending money overseas dc kickbacks
tweet dear liberals recount not audit calvin

Message of the Day

message people not addicted drugs alcohol escaping reality

Other Links That May Interest You

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Bill Maher Blasts ‘Outrageous’ Censorship from Google, Facebook On COVID Origins, Ivermectin
Johns Hopkins Doctor Blasts Delta Variant ‘Fearmongering,’ Calls More Masking ‘Overkill’
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3 thoughts on “07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Wow that last one is no joke! I’m approaching the famous two year mark of sobriety! It’s not painful anymore, It just is what it is. I still despise reality, I just hate being a slave to substance more.. To all those who are still struggling;
    Keep trying, you will get it if you try and don’t ever stop trying. If the people around don’t truly love you, it’s easier to be alone.. (masochists are not in love with pain, they are in love with sadists..) You can do it, and it is totally worth the struggle!

  2. That last one is great. Indeed, drugs and alcohol are simply symptoms of a reality that sucks, but it is far easier for those who helped make it suck to blame the symptoms than the root cause.

    Now go get plowed for the fourth because we’ve got so much “freedom” to celebrate. LOL

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