07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

4th july cookout nobody roundhouse kick face napolean dynamite
kids in quarantine 15 months donate to end children
everyone bill cosby homecoming drink
whenever british laugh at america remember how gave up guns put in jail for facebook twitter posts bald eagle
craft beer cocktails craftcock beertails
smudge cat why do people brain size peas mouth watermelons
covid house of cards debate off limits narrative do not question
vote democrat defund police gun control republicans fault
1776 british tried to take guns we shot them forrest gump
buzz lightyear celebrating day won by armed citizens 4th july independence
snake plisskin dont give fuck war president delta variants

Pop Culture, Public Education, Mainstream Media, Sports Figures, Big Tech, and Anti-American Corporations Have All Had a Hand in the Brainwashing

Poll: As July 4th approaches, fewer voters believe US is best place to live

statue liberty turning back on olympic competitors
there fixed it metal stage flag covering protester

Blame Nike – Larry O’Connor
Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery
Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 1
Celebrity Meme Gallery
Woke Corporate Politics Meme Gallery
Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 5
Colin Kaepernick Meme Gallery
LeBron James Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet paul revere british are coming facebook taxes beneficial to society
1776 extremeist document destructive government declaration of independence

Quote of the Day

quote george washington ill die on my feet before ill live on my knees

Messages of the Day

message dont trust children patriotism to public schools
message its ok to love your country eagle flag

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