07-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when hot as hell not wearing bra youre welcome
me watching wifes reaction 3 year old saying mommy super big
dont want to adult goat jump around eat whatever headbutt
cable company well provide horrible customer service unexplained charges im in
look everyone zuckerberg guy violent extremist nobdy cares
facebook fact checking isnt working dr evil label them extremist
general milley soviet metal got this one forcing crc troops
e pluribus unum democrats republicans duct tape govenernment handouts to fix
want trumps economy back base biden can do 16 cents

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cdyni summer with kids xbox phone
tweet furano mosquitos received moderna vaccine
tweet lowery kids today cool cars 8track smooth jazz

Quote of the Day

quote winston churchill peoples idea of free speech outrage

Message of the Day

message unemployment intended people cant find jobs not wont

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2 thoughts on “07-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • As a dog owner and dog lover, I consider that an insult to every dog ever born. 🙂

      And for those old enough to remember the 70s, weren’t they and their bra-free days great, especially on TV?

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