07-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hate cashiers check money if could counterfeit wouldnt be at dollar tree
women dating look at size of thing 15 year marriage piece of junk star wars
kermit look calm mind punched you multiple times
angry birds wear mask social distance bird illness
democrats soft on crime defund police release criminals car
chicago lightboot shot killed nothing to see here
liberal rioter escaped he is unvaccinated
babylon bee facebook to warn users when using dangerous facebook
silence lambs buffalo bill happy to hear vaxx down basement
liberal smashing capitalism 1200 mac 7 starbucks drink
bernie sanders once again asking you post extremist content
joe biden dr fauci mel gibson patriot doorbell

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet every cop show serial killer crafty true crime podcast odor
tweet point healthy eating gummy vitamins treat

Seems Legit

tweet duplicate brother tested for covid

“Science” Update from the Communist Utopia of California

California to Continue School Mask Requirements Even If Vaccinated, Counter to CDC Guidelines

mask mandate just until government says its safe muslim burqa

California Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote when you dont let people disrespect you start calling you difficult

Message of the Day

message if to be insulted mist value your opinion huckleberry

Other Links That May Interest You

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