07-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my 4 moods coffee nap coffee vacation tape rope shovel
when you catch kids tortilla chips breakfast dont have to cook ill allow it
boss zoom everyone turn on their camerias drinks tanning
ice cream man joe biden pfizer moderna jnj vaccines
clowns inflation permanent but silver lining inflated wages
babylon bee combat transwoman dominance womens olympics adds competitive child birthing
sign in this house we believe in bigfoot works well for no trespassing
king kamala harris when live in state make photocopies
hunter how much art access to white house 200k
office whiteboard called trump tyrant citizenship status biden applaud private health matters
facebook after libertarians meme extremist content warning
gas pump spending 16 cents 4th july gallon gas biden
while delivering door to door vaccine deliver voter id
bill murray groundhog day well new variant day again

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kerpen cdc guidance zero studies mask students no citation

Quote of the Day

quote james madison oppressors tyrannize arm enslaved press disarmed populace

Message of the Day

message some you wouldnt recognize tyranny mask face stand 6 feet apart

Another Victory for Anti-American Globalists

Biden, G20 Agree to 15% Global Minimum Corporate Tax

This is a sideshow, as with previous international agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord and NATO, where down the road, the U.S. will be forced to sacrifice & bear the brunt of the costs while virtually none of the other countries hold up their end of the deal. Transferring wealth and cutting into American power are at the heart of nearly every international agreement nowadays. This is one of the biggest reasons world leaders hated Trump and did everything they could to bring him down.

BTW, do you remember how the media threw daily tantrums of how Trump retaliatory trade tariffs would mean higher prices for consumers? Have you heard a single peep about Biden’s corporate tax hikes adding to consumer prices, even from the supposedly conservative Fox News?

who wants to stop climate change who wants to confront china responsible for 3rd
question wonder why biden trudeau globalists dumber they are easier to control
who would win g20 leaders or guy from home alone 2 trump

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