07-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im doing escape room well get out of work
wife pick one decoration dinosaur wall
nolan ryan line drive off face lebron james cramp
trump biden eagle personalities
zuckerberg lets delete child porn keep meme pages thrown out window
cnn racist lightning george floyd sparks anger
first biological cheetah identifies as woman set to take gold
babylon bee facebook introduces new report post to white house button

Let’s Shift the Demand Curve Way to the Right to Bring Down Prices 🙄

Biden insists massive government spending will tamp down inflation

when get 3 percent raise inflation 5.6 percent

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet wittyidiot sick sense of humor attractive quality

Tip of the Day

tip of day venison help irs tax

Quote of the Day

quote donald trump jr difference between conspiracy theory and truth 6 months

Message of the Day

message auschwitz personnel ordinary people doing jobs follow orders make horror happen

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