07-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mom wait tooth falls naturally dad hammer
telling kids forrest gump lieutenant dan tom brady aarron rodgers
parenting scented candle shit show chaos
back to school sale campus book store crt white fragility karl marx
joe biden shooting bill of rights constitution
what texas house democrats think themselves washington everyone else
joe biden anchor inflation child tax credit
monkeys jeff bezos space launched dick

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if biden worried covid misinformation fire fauci
tweet justin amash 1st amendment misinformation unpopular truth

Quotes of the Day

quote rand paul sending letter justice department fauci lied congress
quote covid what do you mean you havent had your 12th booster shot

Message of the Day

message covid cases spike card 1 million unvaccinated illegals

Nothing Happens By Accident

The FBI’s Involvement in Michigan Kidnapping Plot Raises Questions About January 6 – Katie Pavlich

no longer peoples fbi now democrats kgb

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