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07-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Democratic Party #1 Mission – America Last

US and Germany reach agreement to allow Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Killing the Keystone Pipeline was never about the environment. It simply contributes to America being stronger & more energy-independent. If you look at EVERY single policy of the Democratic Party, it’s about weakening the long-term strength & success of the U.S…Paying people not to work; spending the treasury into bankruptcy; dividing people by race, gender, and color; opposing every obvious solution to energy cost reduction; promoting Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and every other method to teach kids to hate their own country; opposing the wall & border enforcement, banning speech on the internet that promotes freedom, liberty, and critical thinking; implementing punishing taxes on workers, producers, and investors….the list goes on and on. Give it a try sometime…consider ANY policy proposed by Democrats. Does it make the U.S. stronger or weaker? Does it help or hurt the long-term economy? Does it make us more or less free? Republicans aren’t much better, but the majority of the leaders in the Democratic Party have become a large collection of anti-American sleeper cells.

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