07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

first testicular guard 1874 helmet 1974 100 years men brains important
construction sign 10 bosses 1 worker ahead
open sesame username password incorrect genie
aaron karen rodgers picked qb in first round want out favre
cat dog facebook ad something dreamed about
daughter called birth person replied financial drain
joe biden greatest accomplishment showing how great trump was
doj lawsuit george voter id law scotus
babylon bee biden holds vaccine photo op hansen get kids interested
donald trump vs joe biden cognitive tests reporters ice cream

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet yikes normalize bringing dog plus 1
tweet sometimes best revenge watching facebook life fall apart mean thing high school
tweet oscar mayer call us next time launch weiner into space

Nothing Happens By Accident

house democrats block bill declassify intel covid origins

House Democrats Block Bill to Declassify Intel on COVID Origins

Quote of the Day

quote frederick douglas freedom meaningless without speech tyrants

Message of the Day

message skeltor no matter how good person evil in someones story

Lesson of the Day

lesson of the day jeff bezos space government spending hours

Liberals Ruin Everything

Woke Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – Derek Hunter
Destroy Woke Hollywood – Kurt Schlichter

free people kneel to no one constitution woke kneeling to soviet rule
disney woke empire strikes back free speech gina carano

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