07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i have 2 moods namaste ill cut you
kids scary movies when kid everything mcdonalds
sign truck yard world amazing just really drunk
governor tarkin reduced unemployment alderaan to 0
how it feels to be a republican in college jedi attack of the clones
lebron space jam 2 bombs critics movie
brownie recipe launch to space if not billionaire
wife ordered bezos model rocket loved space massager
un here to audit usa civil rights
california votes for 5 dollar gas gets it
babylon bee dangerous new freedom variant detected ignore government live their lives

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ryan reynolds mountain dew tequila green lattern
tweet michael malice cnn tomorrow covid deaths double ny

Quote of the Day

quote stop being afraid what go wrong what could be right

New Meme Gallery Added

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 6

The Most Popular U.S. President in U.S. History

joe biden dumpster fire town hall bill mitchell

Message of the Day

message trust the scientists big oil fracking tobacco coke opioid just media tells to trust

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