07-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ferrell friend finds solution excuse get out of
drew barrymore promise wont get mad knife block
full glass of wine for breakfast kind of year
joe biden walked in hunter friends vaccinating themselves
2021 downgrades trump biden ivanka mcaney melania psaki hunter
january 6th hearing crying freedom bear schiff capitol police

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sally mermaid are we there yet asking kids old enough move out
tweet being libertarian if you want to pay more taxes can reason no one does

Flashback Quote of the Day

flashback tweet joe biden pandemic plan 8 months in

Is the CDC a Pawn or the Most Powerful Government Dictatorial Agency in American History

Why do schools, corporations, and half the people in this country follow any nonsensical, ever-changing CDC dictate without question? The irrational fear spread by the Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and tyrannical politicians has put a level of power in the CDC that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao couldn’t achieve holding their populations at gunpoint. Do we need to start giving classes in Common Sense in addition to the history of Totalitarianism? Maybe repeatedly retell the childhood story of the boy who cried WOLF? The Ruling Class is face-masking children nationwide and indoctrinating anti-freedom socialism so they know the next generation will take over the role of unthinking conformists currently occupied by half the adults in America.

us constitution make sure add cdc can take away your rights
mewe leonydus johnson think only honest cdc beginning masks little benefit make worse
back to normal no mask no service lines order of cdc
if you get vaccination you get your freedom back and its gone
tweet zuby saying people take vaccine spread virus dont take it putting people at risk divide conquer

White House Opens the Door to More Lockdowns

americans year lockdowns didnt hinder covid sponge bob want to see me do it again
sheet guy and dog working together conspiracy theories

Imagine If They Hadn’t Lied To Us For The Last 18 Months – Kurt Schlichter

Quote of the Day

quote soren kierkegaard 2 ways to be fooled believe isnt true refuse to accept

Message of the Day

message those know least controlled the easiest obey the best

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