08-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

clint just ate snickers still an asshole
angry lady cat smude stop calling me birthday cake stop giving everybody piece
house grew up in look around parents rude
putin too easy joe biden helmet like pizza
biden no keystone pipeline go ahead putin russian pipeline
poll americans optimism future plummets 20 points joe biden drive off cliff
sponge bob vaccinated wearing mask whats point yup
actual footage vaccine hippo helicopter gun
masking children follow the junk science
babylon bee liberal said covid vaccinated illegal immigrant
police robbed me arrest hes wearing mask

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet worrier mommy babies come from when people tolerate each other
tweet miller favorite thing dog owner trust me how hard kids

If You Want Any Chance to Earn My Vote, I Better Hear This…

‘No Restrictions, No Mandates’: DeSantis Moves to Block School Mask Requirements, Empower Parents

Legion of Doom

Take a look at the collection of the greatest enemies of mankind:

legion of doom gates zuckerberg dorsey biden fauci schumer pelosi bezos

Everything they do slowly eats away more and more of your liberty and freedom while transferring more wealth and power to themselves. Make it your mission to take them down in any way you can, unless you’re fine with the totalitarian society we’re close to reaching.

Quote of the Day

quote jewel bo idea what can survive until only choice

Messages of the Day

message public health measures cults shame weaponized fear silence dissent dehumanize
message lisa simpson millions people unwilling tolerate risk cant have functioning society

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