08-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

documentary woman stabbing husband cheating wife good for her
sponge bob failure find sex partner disability free parking
delta variant animal house
joker normal person give us rights back danger passes historians
spaceballs 12345 combination joe biden nuclear codes
socialism dummies cut ladder two neither get over wall
cdc scientists totalitarian dictatorship microscope
dr evil create worthless electronic money charge interest take house when cant pay debt
waiting in line for 59th covid booster stop new strain
joe biden comedy economy unemployment covid facebook post
i wonder when cdc will recommend closing southern border
january 6th fake crying hearing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet turcotte 17 year old 200k debt student loans not 20k business
tweet kanan vitolo fed powell every libertarian who is we inflation

Just a Small Random Sample

summary some of biden lies hunter naacp law school vaccines covid civil rights

Quote of the Day

quote dostoievski tolerance reach level intelligent people banned thinking

New Meme Gallery Added

Just for Fun/Non-Political Meme Gallery 11

Messages of the Day

my pronous there is zero chance wear mask again
message put phones down texts will be there kater not person in front of you

Other Links That May Interest You

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Top Teacher’s Union: We’ll ‘Try’ to Open Schools in the Fall
CDC’s Mask Panic Over COVID Has Been Shredded By New Figures…From the CDC
Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 3
4 Tips on Getting Around Big Tech Censorship

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