08-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog owners cat owners made life better told them fuck off
end sentences just saying dumbass considered offensive
hows your week going straw jose cueovo whiskey
joe biden braindead idiot destroying entire nation
online discussion about communism soviet union citizens vs 14 year old white girl know more than you
border facemask biden fixed immigration problem
pfizer pile cash after telling need 3rd vaccine shot
january 6th hearing ignore 14000 hours footage see 30 second video

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet brankdo left liberals staying silent cheering repression civil liberties targets politically unappealing
tweet biden supporters vitolo executive orders oce cream
tweet andrew cuomo should be zero tolerance sexual harrassment

Quote of the Day

quote dog aggressive squirrel told u so

Rules for Thee, But Not for Me

Obama Gets Skewered Over Birthday Plans Amid Delta Covid Surge

americans trying remain open obama birthday party 700 people
democrats royalty politicians when called out violating corona rules they implemented
james comey silly peasants laws are for poor people
babylon bee obama superspreader event climate change property

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve said for the past 15 months that they’ll try to impose Covid restrictions on us the rest of our lives. For those who think I’m exaggerating, now that we’re once again sliding back to universal mask mandates, answer me this, “If we still have to wear masks even if we’re vaccinated, even if we have zero Covid symptoms, and even if we have the antibodies from Covid infection recovery, what will it take this time to satisfy the powers that be that we can ever go back to ‘normal’?” When you can change the “settled science” every few months, then use Thought Police Big Tech censors to remove any voices of disagreement, is there ANYTHING that can stop them from pulling this crap the rest of our lives? Whatever nonsensical, pseudoscience dictates are put out by the CDC, local politicians and corporate leaders just mindlessly follow orders like good little junior S.S. officers. The media has weaponized fear to create tens of millions of Karen’s to help shame anyone who doesn’t comply. There is one way, and only one way, for this to stop–REFUSE TO OBEY ANY FURTHER!

dr fauci no mask wear two masks now boot stamping your face forever
know secret cdc doesnt grant rights

Message of the Day

message if watch tv middle pandemic if not its wednesday

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