08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ridiculous on internet different in peson worse so much
therapy dogs need vacation soon
grumpy cat people not big fan
joe biden greatest overreach government so far bart homer simpson
police state lockdowns masks protests so you stay safe
mask mandates using kids as pawns school bus
democrats face guard emergency powers wish knew how to quit you covid pandemic
american home of the brave land of covid mandates
babylon bee government wrap up covid war quickly as war on terror
spiderman pointing biden calls on cuomo resign sexual harassment
facebook being libertarian super spreader at obamas

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet pairier write book recipe blogger website murder 12 pages text
tweets ted cruz elizabeth warren irs tax playns socialists
tweet oxygenplug commercial college shoveling money furnace

Don’t Worry Inflation Is Just “Transitory”

inflation under joe biden air gas cars houses travel food

…or as AOC reminds us…price increases are isolated to just in a “few categories”…nothing important.

Now the CDC Is In Charge of Real Estate?

If you needed any more proof the CDC is a pure-political arm of the Ruling Class, here ya go. There’s an endless supply of jobs out there, including a ton of work-at-home ones, yet deadbeats who don’t want to pay their rent get indefinite protection, primarily in Democrat-controlled areas. Big surprise. 🙄

tweet zeballos roig cdc eviction moratorium

Defying the Supreme Court, Biden Issues Outrageous Eviction Moratorium

Good Call

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX9omj2VDBk

Quote of the Day

quote cdc instead of we lied were wrong science changed

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson last year taught who complied 1930s germany

Other Links That May Interest You

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