08-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign never reallze much swear where cant
therapist sign emotionally stable ikea
proof men multitask car wash
tshirt what happened vegas didnt stary baby
political news incredible hulk quitting tv focus on mental health
friend request stay home stay safe profile thumbs down
following narrative youre terrible person analyzing covid facts
what lockdown should look like dr fauci behind bars
joe biden should cuomo be impeached sniffing hair

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mama walker kid called boomer genx ass beat timeouts
tweet hammond white culture dog gender reveal
tweet mommy jeans time husband bra cop feel crumbs

Quote of the Day

quote benjamin franklin doing good for poor driving them out of it

The Center of Dictatorship Control

Rochelle Walensky head of the CDC, is a POLITICAL APPOINTEE of Joe Biden. The CDC is a GOVERNMENT organization with funding & top jobs controlled by politicians. So why do we blindly follow whatever they say like lemmings? I ask Biden voters, if a political appointee of Donald Trump told you how you and your company needed to live the rest of your lives, would you just go along with it? And why should the CDC have to meet with the White House and Teachers’ Unions BEFORE issuing guidance on masks, etc.? If they’re really “science” based, shouldn’t they only be consulting other scientists? 🤔

masks vaccines stop covid 2 weeks seen this one
dr evil school districts politicians writing guidelines reopening of schools laughing
ny city where statue of liberty stands requires papers eat hamburger in public
cdc eviction moratorium hanging landlords out to dry
secret nothing requires cdc permission dr fauci blessing think otherwise slaves

Messages of the Day

message live in fear masks zoom free country leave rest of us alone
message keenu serious life tip nicest people have limits scariest assholes

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