08-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

die for best friend pick up phone not
how wife thinks looks lion actual kitty cat
dad family doesnt want dog riding horse video game
baby shower cornhote sperm bags
mystical art of confusion call fauci mask covid
obama party stand with us resist masks capacity restrictions
red forman if truly worried variants closed border dumbass
joe biden when lose but still called winner by media
covid 19 mirror ring horror vaccine facebook information center
cdc moratorium paying rent monopoly
ilhan omar give me defund police give to private security
eagles take it easy andrew cuomo running down road seven women
liberal hate nazis 2021 show me papers

Tried and True Formula

Florida Department of Health Calls Out CDC for Screwing Up State’s Covid Count

Step 1 – Government Agency or Establishment Politician Lies & Distorts Information.
Step 2 – Mainstream Media and Twitter Hysterically Amplify the Lies.
Step 3 – Lies Are Called Out and Corrected.
Step 4 – No One Cares to Correct Their Reporting Mistake, and the Lies Live On Forever.

CDC Shreds Its Own Narrative on Breakthrough Cases With Latest Data
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Meme Gallery
Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 6

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet marjorie greene beware dems midterm covid force absentee cheat

But They Did Everything Right?

Hawaii, Masked and Vaccinated, Still Falls Prey to Delta Strain

Do I really need to point out the obvious that it seems every state that most forcefully makes its citizens follow the CDC “rules” always seems to have the worst infection rates?…..New York, California, Hawaii, and other Democrat strongholds always seem to exceed the averages, despite stomping on civil liberties in a Fauci/Walensky-approved way.

Mass Disobedience Is the Only Way to End This

tweet rand paul video calling for covid resistance

What Rand Paul Is Calling on Americans to ‘Resist’ in Powerful New Video

Quote of the Day

quote when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty thomas jefferson

Messages of the Day

message government requiring papers to move more dangerous than covid

Other Links That May Interest You

Biden’s Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution – David Harsanyi
Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 2

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