08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat wake up balls gone back eggs lay off catnip
cheap wine tastes better kids go to bed
sign out of work porn star dog feed me
mainstream media lead story psychological operation manipulation fear obey
how i sleep knowing my opinion offended every liberal on the internet today
democrats biden steamrolling economy tax hikes
me watching you play simon says with cdc this week
hat joe biden make gas 4 dollars gallon again
covid next trick transmit disease dont have someone immunized against
usa boat sinking captain biden all is well dc lifeboat
obama birthday party your child comparison masks

The Racism Crisis Is Finally Solved

Racist Rock Removed from UW-Madison

The reported cost of removing this stupid rock is around $60,000. It’s best to think about the cost in what you could have spent the money on. For example, a full 4-year scholarship for a minority student, or perhaps a teacher’s salary for a year (unless it’s a college professor, then maybe 1/2 or 1/4 of the salary). It also could help alleviate more tuition hikes, which will further haunt many students putting themselves in lifelong debt so they can learn about white privilege and why America sucks.

As for the “racist” rock, if you have to explain to 99.99% of the population why something is considered racist, then is it really a problem in need of solving?

The Thought Police Make Another Arrest

YouTube Has Suspended Rand Paul

You can’t let the peasants know there are other points of view. That’s just madness!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet amber smith graph kids percentage deaths groupthink
tweet zuby fight freedom controversial

Quote of the Day

quote never too old biggest difference money time

Messages of the Day

message covid goalposts will keep moving as long as they know youll obey
message mass non compliance is the only way to end this

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