08-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign breakups bad ever leave restaurant container food
30 second single facebook oscar mayer weiner mobiles
kids back in classroom no zoom facemask non learning
poke facebook stick covid 19 vaccine box
dating son know found roght one sexy beer bikini
tanker truck accident would be greater to have safer like keystone pipeline
like table restaurant cdc police your papers
joe biden science has changed creating new lies
rapinoe nobody understands plight of black man like middle age purple haired white woman
birthday part cant have covid inviting obamas
babylon bee ron desantis says teachers ask kids wear masks thrown in gator pond

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet julie jones enough debate safe community science purchase firearm

New Meme Gallery Added

Joe Biden Meme Gallery 4

Lesson of the Day

lesson 14 percent stories developed by journalist rest fed by pr us media

Quote of the Day

quote government decides breathes travels work ends badly

Messages of the Day

message restaurant owners same people vaccine passports ones happy let you go bankrupt
message isnt ironic braveheart celebrate rebellion oppression then comply

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