08-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

one man found g spot parking car
google people correcting me cant stand
cant wait see 1st day school pics hazmat suits
democrats done nothing wrong ever corporate media know this love you
highway democrat party fixing problems offramp making new ones
biden two words keep me in power president harris
joe biden unity spending kids money destroying constitutional rights democrats
why government shouldnt be in lives public restroom closed porta potty
call him human infrastructure 3.5 trillion kids us debt
dr fauci says chains prison will protect us

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cynical parent terrible twos cruel joke parents gets better
tweet dan wilbur everyone drinks coffee morning psychotic
tweet zuby san francisco clown city gym show papers heroin poo shoplift

Lesson of the Day

lesson perceived reality democrats republicans

Quote of the Day

quote sun tsu art of war meme them until cry

Look to DC as the Guide for Mask Mandates “Ending”

tweet kevin glass beatings continue until morale improves dc health officials

DC Residents, If You Hate the Mask Mandate, We Have More Bad News for You

left wing 90s i wont do what you tell me f you do what youre told liberal

CDC Says Over 90 Percent U.S. Counties Meet Guidelines for Indoor Masking

Big Surprise 🙄

Dr. Fauci Has Thoughts About ‘Individual Freedom’ and Vaccine Mandates

joe biden let no crisis covid variant go to waste lock constitutional rights freedom blue states
vaccinated unclean workplace morale dividers

America is No Better Than the Soviet Union with the Big Tech Control of Information

tucker carlson rand paul big tech censorship

YouTube’s censorship of Sen. Rand Paul’s statements on coronavirus is just the latest example

Message of the Day

message witnessing biggest media generated hysteria since orson welles war of worlds

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