08-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me staring at wife admiring beauty what dumbass wanna fight
throwback picture you friends 80s mullet
me showing god memes explaining trying to save america
boyfriend proposing marriage vaccine ring case face masks
dr fauci america public cliff flick
babylon bee solution to government created problems more
liberal hey stupid if dont wear umbrella mine wont work
joe biden spending cup inflation
clown makeup stop keystone pipeline end drilling waive sanctions russia beg opec for more foreign oil joe biden
canada dear usa kicked ass megan rapinoe no need to thank us
gonna tell kids cuomo perverted just italian

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mike solana 80 percent vaccinated san francisco proof
tweet catturd morning what terrified this week democrats more power

Quote of the Day

quote arnold schwarzeneggar like dad screw your freedom

Fact Check: Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dad a Nazi Sergeant? – True

Lesson of the Day

lesson mandatory required mandated ordered decree not a law

Messages of the Day

message world isnt dumber just easier for dumb people voice opinions
message starting to learn who would have hidden anne frank

Excellent Analogy

Your Government Is an Official Abuser – Gina Loudon

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