08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chemistry teachers water food coloring safety goggles
dog my two moods wine coffee
when moms had enough women kickboxing kids
joe biden stupid opec keystone pipeline closing gas prices high
joe biden inflation eating up value of dollar
clown makeup disinfect bacteria viruses cloth mask
dr fauci if things so freaking bad covid recommend closing border
babylon bee joe biden checking whether constitution allows seize means of production
vlad putin hunter biden laptops russia
joe biden abortion your body your choice covid vaccine our choice
babylon bee cnn praises taloban for wearing masks

I Wonder If There’s a Lesson in This? 🤔

tweet john robb afghanistan 20 years nation building trillions spent soldiers killed collapses immediately

‘That’s It, It’s Over’: Afghan President Flees Country

quote joe biden taliban not north vietnnamese army not lifting off roof afghanistan

Your American Government and Mainstream Media

homeland security terror threats opposition covid measures election fraud 911 anniversary

Of COURSE, You’re a Terrorist! – Kevin McCullough

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet vitolo breaking biden requiring taloban vaccinated before entering embassy
tweet kooyenga disagree antivax dont laugh or wish death on vaxxed unlike

Quote of the Day

quote crenshaw thank obama ensuring americans not comply more lockdowns

Lesson of the Day

lesson fauci in charge research grants infectious disease doctors scientists dont question

Message of the Day

message trust the science not lab research believing media tv

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2 thoughts on “08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Afghanistan was simply cover to distract attention away from the folks who really were behind 9-11, a way for the CIA to gain control of a new source of heroin, and a way for the government to shovel hundreds of billions into the hands of the military industrial complex including companies like Haliburton. In a lot of ways, it was exactly like Vietnam, so the outcome should not be that shocking. I just wonder what country the CIA will want to get drugs from next.

  2. Insaniac COVID Police: Get the jab. Even one death is too many.
    Me: I agree
    Insaniac COVID Police: I’m glad to see you’ve come to your senses
    Me: 10’s of thousands have died from the jab around the world and 12,000 have died from the jab in the US alone
    Insaniac COVID Police: * 🙁
    Me: :))

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