08-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stop making new flavors coke bring cocaine or leave alone
angry lady cat smudge beer makeup look good for you
my generation grew up keg parties woods you white claw moms basement
parents teaching kids birds and bees modern
joe biden drill baby open no us fossil fuels
stork massive government spending wont raise inflation fantasy
kamala black voters furious obama didnt do shit love anyway
russians second hunter laptop pulp fiction happy
joe biden inflation border crisis afghanistan disaster going on vaction
babylon bee biden admin deploys elite squad tik tok influencers stop taliban
general woke afghanistan taliban dont assume gender
fact check facebook mcdonalds kabul joke

Lesson of the Day

lesson koreas 1953 show differences socialism capitalism

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet catturd 99.7 percent covid survival never hear good recovery stories
tweet young someone tell taliban keep pushing troops lecture white people reason do bad things

America’s Dr. Mengele Update

Fauci: ‘Put Aside All of These Issues of Concern About Liberties’

The comparison seems to get stronger every day.

Just Follow CDC Guidance

science gets better everyday sweat breathe touch wear mask on bench

Quote of the Day

quote rand paul moment of truth propaganda freedom fear

Messages of the Day

message of course all scientists agree when you censor ones who dont
message ban you from restaurants support ones do travel cities welcome more of us

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One thought on “08-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. It’s really not that hard for good parents these days. First, never allow your children to ever end up in the hands of anyone from the government. Ideally, homeschool. As for sex, that’s pretty easy. There are men and women. Occasionally things happen during fetal development and some folks are born with genetic and physical defects that present challenges to both them and doctors. These folks deserve our sympathy and our empathy. There are also some folks who mistakenly believe that they are not the sex their genetics have dictated. Most are the victims of horrible parents, traumatic life events, or something else that has created their mental confusion and illness. If they are children, their confusion should not be pandered to or exploited. In most cases, it will resolve itself. If adults, they need serious mental health care, but they should also not be pandered to, nor should their delusion be supported. These folks should best be avoided until their problems are addressed.

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