08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat youre my everything youre can opener
halloween costume flipping bird
squirrel thank you lord as world gets crazier nuts easier to find
all scientists agree heres some dont censored all
anakin padme facial recognition politicians criminals think system works
dc comics pc battle of woke bat transexual
joe biden hello opec gas prices climate agenda
another round covid lockdowns not complying train hitting bus
friends reunion then suddenly taliban back
minnesota realtors remove word master bedroom racist woke

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bradford just hormonal correct response never figured
tweet told husband embrace mistakes hugged me supergirl

Quote of the Day

quote before argue ask person grasp different perspective mirren

Messages of the Day

message first amendment freedom of speech not silence others when offend you
message take day off bigger person be asshole born to be

Brought to You By Same People Who Pushed Carb-Heavy Food Pyramid for Decades

government health advice avoid sunlight fresh air trap bacteria propaganda instill fear children

It’s Tough To Achieve This Level of Incompetence

tweet matt walsh state department taliban inclusive representative government
joe biden sniffing taliban
joe biden no american needs ar-15 also biden taliban getting weaponsafghanistan government collapsed due to climate change john kerry
biden left tons weapons taliban now wants to send soldiers back

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One thought on “08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. EVERY government “solution” is just another “fix,” either for a problem they created or made worse though their policies, or for the results of the last “solution” they put in place. EVERY ONE!

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