08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda shoutout myself putting up with my shit
kids eat free daughter will have steak bud light
joe biden taliban china fine dining afghanistan taiwan
joe biden irkle vaccine gas prices inflation border crossing did i do that
biden afghanistan priorities evacuate americans no future dem voters yes
taliban eating ice cream biden
anti fooder check ingredients dangerous put us all at risk
taliban get 800 billion weapons we get 4 dollar gas thanks joe biden
general milley sleeping woke rx taliban guns
taliban death to america cnn mean that friendly way right anakin padme

Enemy of the World

tweet einstein warned rich control communication impossible make informed decisions

zuck stop cant post that my sense of humor false information

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet emerald robinson how long covid last as long as democrats need mail in ballots win elections

Quotes of the Day

quote abraham lincoln people us masters congresses courts overthrow pervert constitution
quote being libertarian wish people passionate regulating government as neighbors

Messages of the Day

message woke liberals rainbows taliban murder gays on sight
message cannot comply your way out of tyranny freedom lost not easily regained
message had 20 years withdraw from afghanistan fucked up mistake too much credit

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