08-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my emotional support dog one day cigarette sunglasses
marketing sex appeal buns abs
homemade octopus costume goes wrong
politicians bribing people with own money i am god c3po
cat aware debt slave tax farm controlled human overlords
old enough remember terrorism flying planes into building now not wearing mask and questions about math
bush take out terrorists afghanistan biden vaccine resisters no masks tump won usa
leaving after blowing something up wolverine sarah connor joe biden
taliban employee of the month joe biden

Joe Biden’s Version of “The Art of the Deal”

joe biden kamala harris talibar totoal control country billions weapons

Preview of Coming Attractions

preview monday sunday masks vaccine gas social credit score facebook

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet outlawjw remember democrats lectured us world respect biden trump gone
bin laden dead troops out of afghanistan get rid of patriot act right government
tweet steve patterson people superior repeat what authority tells them school connection

Stop This Before It’s Too Late

When making decisions or setting policies, you need to weigh the pros and cons. For the CDC masking in schools, ZERO consideration is given to health side effects of wearing masks 40 hrs/week. ZERO consideration is given to the psych damage and atmosphere of fear created. ZERO consideration is given to kids’ diminished ability to learn and hear the teacher. ZERO consideration is given to the reduced ability to learn emotional & social skills (an essential part of the education process). ZERO consideration is given to the teachers who must enforce the policies among angry parents and annoyed students. ZERO consideration is given to basic enjoyment of childhood and quality of life! Instead, 100 PERCENT of the decision is based on guessing the best way to prevent transmission of an infection that is 99.999% survivable in kids and would stock them with antibodies to offer them solid long-term protection. The worst part is it’s not even a CHOICE for parents or teachers. Instead, it’s just another example of a dictatorial Ruling Class that has forgotten this is supposed to be America!

kids face masks deep down know unnecessary and cruel
message no rational human being requires study tell them child abuse mask
lallapolloza july 2021 kids schools august masks
masking children follow the junk science
message kids raised face masks never fight for freedom
baby facemask liberalism is a disorder
kid i know mommy lacks courage stand up for your right to breathe mask
message children being raised in fear each other world viruses covid psych damage

Quote of the Day

quote one day hang heads shame evil defended heroes ridiculed

Message of the Day

message no longer job wake up sheep now other lions

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2 thoughts on “08-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Excellent topic and collection today. Too bad those that mask their kids aren’t exposed to such an array memes mocking them.

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