08-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

why drink so mich boomer parents carrying cases budweiser
exercising morning gives energy need it to start pyramid scheme
me removing vegetables on burger to reduce calories
car crash good think has facemask on
why cant get job son covid relief cant afford pay cut video games
joe biden cancelling keystone fracking exploration sheik buy 3 billion hunter art
implement super meditation inhale exhale fuck it
joe biden explosions eating ice cream hunter afghanistan inflation
facebook fact checkers way to work
britney spears lawyer dad doesnt completely control uncle same masks lockdowns vax passports
taliban forces showing off new american humvee dumbass government
babylon bee 8 other things other than mask mandates if you hate children

8 Other Things You Can Do Other Than Mask Mandates If You Hate Children

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bewg liquor should have never going back to school sale
tweet highitsg demonic possession should take over

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman government silencing voice opposition repressive measures source of terror

Message of the Day

message if keep giving up rights want return to normal youre reason things wont go back to normal

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    • And the Patriot Act was introduced and promoted by Republicans. They are both worthless and the enemies of freedom and liberty.

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