08-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amount of effort forced work weekends garden hose burning house
plans for fall meant autumn not collapse of civilization
dogs punch it light is gray car
joe biden pulling pin trump policies foreign domestic catastrophe
padme anakin pull troops joe biden removed us military equipment first right
showing vaccine passport leave house democrats id to vote
stab wounds rattlesnake bite bullet holes clearly covid 19 jethro
general malley outsmarted men sex with goats taliban
joe biden usa gun free zone afghanistan free gun zone
full metal jacket show me warface omalley lipstick
babylon bee 100 million vaccine hesitant get shot now government agency says ok

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jason bassler ever time stop apologizing government blind allegiance repeated failure
tweet catturd doctors wont treat vaccinated smokers condom dentist sugar
tweet malice asking right same weapons paid to give taliban
tweet catturd woke generals imaginery white supremacists

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas jefferson law unjust disobey obligated
quote always abandon most strategic airbase before evacuation sun tzu art of war

Message of the Day

same people took 20 years replace with taliban war on covid lisa simpson

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