08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mcdonalds 867 5309 nobody laughed burger play area
everyone john wick killed because dog not overreacting thor
create lists nazi stuff doesnt happen again
democrats power 2nd amendment get rid of guns
democrats mainstream media obama never done anything this stupid biden puppet
kids trying to watch cartoons lgbtq goose
simpsons jeffrey epsteins friends said i need to get booster shot
democrats afghanistan pullout bigger mop cleanup
taliban august 31 biden begging for extension

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet matt walsh maksing of kids prior to 2020 more dangerous than flu
joe biden russia afghanistan immigrants vs americas inflation crime
tweet malice at this point wonder if taliban interfered with election

Quote of the Day

quote dennis healy world events dont happen by accident staged

Message of the Day

message geniuses rejected by society 2 pizzas oven halves

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One thought on “08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Despite my and others feeble attempts, my daughter’s high school mandated masks this upcoming school year. Three other schools in the surrounding area have not imposed mask mandates. I guess the science says covid only spreads in my school district.

    The school board even brought in an anesthesiologist from the locally monopolized health care system to vouch for the effectiveness of masking. Same as a virologist, right?

    It’s a joke…using my child for a personal political pawn. I’m convinced that libtards today impose their will based on whatever ruffles the feathers of their opposition.

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