08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guy bar dog tattoo girl no tail wag
pack rat garage one day son this will all be yours
government sees you as slaves no matter how voted zuck fb if kids see content upset
hunter joe bidens other failed pull out
abc george stephanopoulos didnt edit interview joe biden what would be left
joe biden adult in room afghanistan exit plan
joe hunter biden pelosi swalwell schiff rinos pig china.jpg
squad aoc omar 100 percent silence protecting women afghanistan
babylon bee biden attempts milk crate challenge kamala harris

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mark parenting kid cant have cookie before bed eat entire sleeve
tweet polumbo car stranded in snowstorm aaa police wont come uber here 2 minutes capitalism
tweet dad found really old penny 1998 youre grounded
tweet tumblr yahoo bought billions sold millions ban porn

Quotes of the Day

quote mike rowe work ethic is a choice
quote suz tzu art of war if enemy doesnt have helicopters give them to him

Message of the Day

message if news is fake imagine how bad history is

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One thought on “08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. All history has been written by the winners, and nearly all western religions have been “crafted” to meet the needs of the political class that controlled accress to their content from the “believers.”

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