09-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

remote controls of 60s voice commands beer game kids
americans not cultured explain mikes hard hot dogs
shark kid just take one bite swimmer
kermit replace desks restaurant tables school kids take off mask
trump evaculation plan scrapped joe biden taliban 911 photo op
taliban kicking it applauding australian police pepper spray 12 year old not covering face
monkeys biden louisiana mississippi hurrican joe biden help afghanistan

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet smitty good news replaced feelings with jokes
tweet cleared space it fridge sounds better drank 2 bottles wine

Quote of the Day

quote when whole world running to cliff other direction seems lost mind cs lewis

More Reasons Government Should Be Nowhere Near Education

Obama’s Secretary of Education Compares Anti-Maskers, Anti-Vaxxers to Afghanistan Suicide Bombers
Brace Yourselves. This College’s New COVID Restrictions Are Almost Too Insane To Be Real

Lesson of the Day

biden top 10 times shouldnt look at watch sex date wedding soldiers

Thought Police Report

Just because his incompetence caused the death of your son doesn’t mean you have the right to speak ill of their President Select!

tweet melendez chappell facebook instagram account suspended

Message of the Day

message you are americans days walking pins needles over take country back

Other Links That May Interest You

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One thought on “09-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. When my mother had Alzheimer’s, she would check her watch quite often. For her, it was one of the few things that would “ground” her while the rest of her reality spun away. Like Clueless Joe, she lost her short term memory and her cognitive abilities, so everything was quite disorienting. What he did in checking his watch sent a horrible message, but what they did to us on election night and since has been far worse.

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