09-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

love your flaws werent aware you had any
forget fitbit steps no longer matter dog lying down
tequila shots amazon box walking
out of iraq afghanistan can get rights back intelligence agencies
joe biden pandering to black latinos athletes fallen solders checking watch
amber alert white male wanding in dc think hes president sign
biden great for america false information fact checkers
1970 riding motorcycles 2020 masks scooter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet forturne feimster onlyfans sexual content just youtube
tweet jawbreaker driving husband holds handle as if save him

So Crazy of a Way to Handle Vaccine Debates It May Just Work

lesson vaccine worth it not worth it cool

Quote of the Day

quote michael crichton scientists fall in line with dominant power structure

Flashback Comparison

reminder biden aid support classified docs taliban democrats impeach trump phone call

Message of the Day

message afraid take stand might lose job about to lose country

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One thought on “09-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. New strain of COVID the MU variant will require you to take COVID Chemotherapy after two shots of vaccine, a booster, and a pill twice a day.

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