09-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

airplane imagine how luxurious planes 50 years pretzels soda
fuck crates we walked across this bars
food gives energy me after eating sleep dog
biden first successful rally taliban parade
presidential seal joe biden clown
trump yellow bellied man bad joe biden checking watch kabul
joe biden scarecrow if onlw had you know a thing brain
biden calls terrorist but no blackhawk helicopter jerry
joe biden its coming hurricane ida press conference
hindenburg crash most successful landing history

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet madonia mad girlfriiend weightwatchers points plate stealing
tweet flonase mommys special nose medicine cocaine
tweet rappaport parenting watching murder documentary

Message of the Day

message no such thing government funded taxpaypayer theft middle class

It’s Tough to Match This Level of Incompetence

joe biden bowing taliban kill list
tweet rasmussen reports poll biden harris resign

In a nation of 320 million, with a GDP of $7 trillion more than any other country, and the world’s strongest military ever, the Top 3 in Presidential succession are these dipshits…

kamala harris nancy pelosi joe biden sotu

Joe Biden Meme Gallery 4
Kamala Harris Meme Gallery
Nancy Pelosi Meme Gallery

tweet emerald robinson facebook erase social media grieving mothers

If You Have Real Scientific Principles, You’re Gone

Multiple FDA Officials Resign Over Booster Shot Process That Was Rushed by Dr. Fauci

sign professionals giving health advice proft when youre sick office

Quote of the Day

quote akanbi one thing fear speaking wrong self censor right not allowed

Other Links That May Interest You

Protect Fellow Swamp Members: Soros Gives $1M to Pro-Newsom Election Effort
Don’t You Dare Challenge Our Fascism: DOE to Investigate 5 GOP States with Mask Mandate Bans

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