09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat passed out food found spirit animal
everyone sad summer over me pumpkin head halloween fall
1971 screw the establishment 2021 obey mask up no free speech cdc
joe biden new face global terror built back better flag
joe biden showing off all f report card grades
joe biden trumps fault buck stops over there
liberal just doesnt see future doesnt believe climate change kill us 12 years
imagine world twilight zone taliban no masks take over country
joe biden when national disgrace bingo starts checking watch

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ak47 women tell look at boobs 1 second 5 seconds
tweet sophia benoit complainer dogs have treats clean teeth

Quote of the Day

quote being libertarian majority people informed nothing more organized script

Message of the Day

message attention pro athletes this how do national anthem kid

It’s Time to Phase Out Government-Controlled Schools

Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery

socialization homeschooling public schooling sardines

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One thought on “09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The only two positives to come out of this plannedemic and the totalitarian response by government, are the acceptance, finally, that people can actually be productive without having to do an hour commute to an office every day, and the massive increase in homeschooling. BS mask mandates for kids that were never going to get sick, teachers openly sacrificing their student’s learning for the sake of permanent stay at home time, deadly vaccination demands, and so much more have finally woken lots of parents up to the realization that schools have nothing to do with the education of their kids and that THEY finally have to take personal responsibility, regardless of whether they are being stolen from or not.

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