09-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog jury postman cat squirrel stick lawyer
texts yoga drunk bar by studio happy hour margarita
invention of word boob top fron side view language of gods
forrest gump you came back from me bubba im not joe biden
sign if narrative lvermectin horse dewormer dont know 2015 nobel prize medicine
just 2 weeks mask jab app social credit system

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet drepto science keeps changing into what said months ago banned for
tweet tim young 15 fbi bubba wallace garage pulley 1 junior larry elder attacker

Reaching New Levels of Stupidity Daily

tweet abigail marone state department all male taliban government

How Did Biden Administration Really Not See This Coming in Afghanistan?

joe biden thoughts border afghanistan gas inflation ice cream

Quote of the Day

quote mencken purpose public education reduce same level standardized citizenry no dissent

Take Out These Tyrant Governors One-by-One

smokey bear only you save california fire gavin newsom recall
red dawn please dont forget there are still freedom fighters deep in occupied california

Sure, They’re All About “Science”

CDC Tightened Masking Guidelines After Pressure from Teachers Unions and White House

babylon bee cdc says new covid variant needed to bury afghanistan news

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Meme Gallery

Was There Any Doubt This Was Coming?

BREAKING: Biden Will Use OSHA to Mandate Vaccinates for Private Companies, Impacting Millions

tweet women telling government stay out of uterus take over blood stream immune lymphatic system
how to talk to conspiracy theorist friends relatives you were right sorry

Message of the Day

message assume nothing question everything open eyes start thinking

Other Links That May Interest You

Rand Paul Is Serious About Holding Fauci Accountable. Here’s What Step He Took After New FOIA Docs Came Out
NYT Changes Headline on Biden Story After Claiming ‘Not Everyone Wants to Hear About Beau’
Liberal Meme Gallery 3
Libertarian Meme Gallery 1

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