09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me training person at work not really supposed to do this is what i do
far side 50 stories up should i push coworker off
darth vader guitar need money for new death star
presidential portrait george washington flipping bird joe biden
now for 6pm news mud dirt shit
democrats in disguise joe who newspaper
its coming kamala harris joe biden tonya harding nancy kerrigan
skeleton my body my choice waiting stand up medical decisions
mainstream media fauci gain of function climate change hype distraction
unvaccinated who remain healthy distress vaxxed who believe it doesnt protect them
daily panic climate change experts leaves fall in autumn teachers unions falling debris

Quotes of the Day

quote milton friedman great mistake judge policies by intent rather than results
quote rob schneider snl no longer comedy laughing cheering rhetoric liberal klan meeting

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet armbruster had good day ruin by watching news
tweet jesse kelly global result people think about virus
tweet tomi lauren you can see my proof vaccination see citizenship & voter id

Message of the Day

message grow some balls take 2 pills until stop submitting slavery

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2 thoughts on “09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The megalomaniac who wishes to rule the universe no longer has to beg for donations……that’s what income taxation and the Federal Reserve money creation machines are for.

  2. If the vaccine prevents you from getting COVID…

    But vaccinated people can still spread COVID even though they are vaccinated…

    and since vaccinated people who can still spread COVID are interacting with others because of their false sense of security and transmitting it to others as a result…

    How is the current surge in COVID cases a pandemic of the UNvaccinated?

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