09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thor cat bowl still full is it though
i baked u some shit the fuck up cupcakes
kids doing dumb shit but not screaming fighting breaking I’ll allow it
wife do I look fat husband do I look stupid
bus joe biden like a rock only dumber
coke with molly light speed han chewy
cdc center to deceive and control
glee cant spell hero with her he
gun store owners every biden speech ducks skiing cash gold
whats another 35 trillion debt dc speaking of red ink floods

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jennifer wortman twin spare parts phone
tweet shaydozer therapist bleak winning therapy
tweet wiley couch refigerator jumping kids

Quote of the Day

quote welfare of humanity always alibi of tyrants camus

Message of the Day

message when elderly dies library wisdom gone

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