09-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friends good morning two types of people rachel monica
management pizza party overworked staff jedi mind tricks dont work on me only money
cats fighting married couple home titanic facebook
define college opposite of kidnapping demand money or will send kids back
sign too many people not enough voodoo dolls
when someone says government would never do that tuskegge mk ultra mockingbird
avoid facebook jail code joe biden douche bag
big pharma runs media that woukd be in news

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sierra bob ross gordon ramsey switch
tweet duncan feeling down closer to millionaire than Jeff bezos

Quotes of the Day

quote wise man makes own decisions ignorant follows public opinion
quote shakespeare challenge battle of wits see you are unarmed

Message of the Day

message illiterate 21st century those cannot unlearn lies taught to believe

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