09-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how millenials started doing ashley olsen machete drink
pitbull blond girl hug raise them right chucky tattoo
dating pool in your 40s horror movie
liberals support small farms bookstores alt medicine get all news from mega corps
aoc queen king peasants make statement 1 percent 30000 per ticket event
antifa anti fascist also hate communism socialism
idiocracy movie started as comedy turning into documentary
being offended doesnt mean right too narcissistic tolerate other opinions
terminator facebook ai out there cant be bargained with wont stop until you are banned
aoc trump won dress
general milley american trailor chinese puppet
covid vaccines onky product failures caused by those dont use
george w bush greatest threat old lady trump american taliban
joe biden tax rich inflation covid dress

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ginny hogan mocktails miss draws of cocktails alcohol
tweet simon holland adulthood waiting for ibuprofen to kick in
tweet nicki minaj cant speak agree with someone from particular party people arent human

Quote of the Day

quote lou holtz today rights privileges 50 years go obligations responsibilities

Message of the Day

message never created live depressed defeated to be victorious

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