09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog self help books vet owner treats
hear someone ask coworker smoke what
when biden vaccine mandates cut fed employees by 50 percent did it crazy son of bitch
aoc tax rich dress fund government atrocities they live glasses
imagine voted for guy your guy shit show told other guy would be twilight zone
california masks at least we banned straws
joe biden found easier punish americans than enemies
most impressive covid turned racist patriarchy into trustworthy government cant be questioned
joe biden putting unvaccinated illegal immigrants red states

Never Let Up on the Fascist School Boards

man school board bee suit troll school board

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet alexg lesson war on terror vs disease
tweet schafer 16 months cdc 4th branch government capitol police osha government grab power
tweet draino after economy covid lockdowns wildfires crime unemployment newsome mail in votes
tweet ny post poll 1 in 5 have confidence in biden 80 percent dont

Quote of the Day

quote bronowshi no science immune infection politics corruption of power
quote ronald reagan all worlds constitutions documents tell people can do ours what government allowed

Message of the Day

message no time history people forcing compliance been good guys

Other Links That May Interest You

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One thought on “09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. And nearly always, the government has been the bad guys. 250,000,000 dead at the hands of their own governments in the 20th century alone.

    Nope, I’m wrong……ALWAYS THE BAD GUYS.

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