09-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

coffee handing baton to wine every day race
teacher use harassment in sentence dating girl ass meant a lot to me
head spinning california count votes 1 night swing states 6 weeks
dogs playing poker wagging tail
joe biden dre not batting taliban unvaccinated americans
afraid to get vaccinated terrified of unvaccinated
kermit growing impatient people not takind vaccine 80 million your bullshit
joe biden injecting steroids islamic terrorism
globalist elites thinking full control hollywood culture big boob rapper lady nikki minaj

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sillberberg dropping bombshells therapist session cliffhanger
tweet hew actors from matrix 60 now take red blue white old pill
tweet paper straws daiz ingredient drink two sips

Don’t You Dare Challenge Their All-Seeing, All-Powerful Covid Guru

tweet elliot tapper fauci booster flip flop
dr fauci this duck is cat liberals npc all agree

Don’t Buy from These Fascism-Enabling Companies

tweet navy seal killed bin laden no fly list delta removed mask for selfie
american airlines kicked off asthmatic 2 yearold couldnt wear mask

If you enforce unjust and unconstitutional dictates, then you’re no better than the government officials who create them. DO NOT COMPLY!

Quote of the Day

quote quicker give rights away get them back never read history book

Message of the Day

message can pray all you want eventually david pick up stone against goliath

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