09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if ever killed by mountain lion last words here kitty kitty
dog chasing rhino drunk that day
cats head french royalty in 18th century
dr fauci cockwomble stupid high opinion of self scotland
kamala harris inspire sleep with powerful men can play 2nd fiddle to man dementia cinderella story
kids masks cant understand instruction social conversations
americans dress as taliban to get free military grade firearms
beavis butthead facebook fact checkers false because
king shocked leftists politicians suggested follow own covid mandates
biden admin priorities soldiers us capitol free flow us border

Message of the Day

message replace why happening to me what trying to teach

In Case You Missed It

Undercover Federal Agent Blended in at Justice for J6 Rally

Is any “news” story nowadays NOT manufactured by a power-obsessed government?

no longer peoples fbi now democrats kgb
tweet philip schuyler fbi staged january 6th real insurrection 4am election

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet buck sexton not single journalist politician banned facebook twitter 2016 election russian lies

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas sowell emotions neither prove disprove facts feel media gimmick
quote ice t right to bear arms last form defense against tyranny

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Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 2

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