09-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

placement could have been better heroes hoes work here
funny older eyesight weaken see through bullshit much better
how to understand man full edition woman part 1 books
joe biden constitution white out covid border rowdy patriots
southern border trump lock trafficking drugs chaos biden removing wrench
when biden voters say didnt vote for this trump kinda did
what call kid does something first time asked dont know
group of people libertarians trying tell you going on zuckerberg if could see content upset
joe biden trying to paint trump supporters terrorists give taliban air force joe biden
almost fall dont forget turn clocks back to 1942 checking papers
biden if don’t shove marbles up ass not black
milley phone China now trump convinced people plotting behind back
whip immigration setting record straight border patrol mainstream media jackass

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet morello st augustine gas prices biden i did that

Achieving New Levels of Hypocrisy Daily

San Francisco’s Democrat Mayor Was Caught Partying Maskless…Her Reasoning Is Pathetic

tweet sabia every democrat voted against mandate vaccination crossing border science
hungry hungry hypocrites unify executive order covid rules democrats
were leftists were allowed to be hypocritical

Quote of the Day

quote massie 18 months 5 trillion 3 jabs shredded constitution into slowing the spread

Message of the Day

message milley undermined sitting president fauci lied under oath protect china tells everything biden admin
message be good enough to forgive but not stupid enough to trust them again

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One thought on “09-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I used to enjoy walking around town places, minus a mask, to see reactions. Why? The need to engage in conversation-to reason. Now? No. Those that wear such are almost akin to “Crucify Him!”

    Yet, not even our Lord could reason with such a crowd.


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