09-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog able to learn up to 250 words count to 5 cat doesnt give shit human age 42
dinosaurs dont eat that has nuts in capitol building dc
online zoom lecture mannequin sleep
twilight zone imagine 6 megacorps authorized directributors info else branded fake news banned
chucky jen psaki when asked question doesnt like
pyramid game show things shove up ass enema thermometer dildo passport
haitian immigrants biden disaster bridge texas
joe biden mask hitler mustache
milley directed insurrection old lady procecuted for one
fbi fed bois Abercrombie snitch capitol rally
joe biden chinas bitch aoc dress

Social Media Posts of the Day

oprah reveals stress free step 1 have a billion dollars

Quote of the Day

quote conan doyle capital mistake theorize before data facts

Question of the Day

question australia any second thoughts about turning in guns

Message of the Day

message all can do is warn wake up if ignore move on

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One thought on “09-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. America’s Maoist – culturally revolting
    No more colorblind
    Say the homicide spikers
    No more femininity
    Say the trans gender benders
    No more peasant face
    Say the Covid porn maskers
    No more free speech space
    Say the techno wiz masters
    Yes, bastards:
    America’s Maoists – culturally revolting

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