09-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hero dad brave frightened of mom
best Halloween costume freddy mercury krueger
humpty dumpty untold story cat knocked off

fed budget debt inflation green carbon neutral
joe biden traitor on a gator crocodile
sign nor trespassing border violators processed released bus ticket
3.5 trillion biden milk a bull democrats know
sorry only on 9th vaccination dont sell to racists passport

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet travis allergy season claritin no one else did isnt working
tweet charlie kirk more evidence systemic voter fraud than racism
tweet governor new york national guard firing health care workers

Message of the Day

message dont need to microchip holding tracking device hand phone

This is the Near Future of USA If Democrats Continue to Hold Power

Australia’s Chief Health Officer Completely Dashes Any Hope the Country Will Return to Normal One Day

babylon bee australian hospitals overrun cops beating maskless citizens


Biden Says 97% To 98% Of Americans Need To Be Vaccinated Before Returning To Normal

Shepard Smith Asks Dr. Rochelle Walinsky: ‘Are Masks With Us For A Long Long Time? Years? Forever?’

covid 19 manipulation model variant vaccination lockdowns cases slight reopen
book government cares about health other hilarious jokes
biden sex with me obama fuck joe biden

Imagine Media/Tech/Celebrity/Woke Corp Reaction if Trump Did the Same Things

tweet jacobs idea president making laws should bother everyone

Quote of the Day

quote frederick douglass knowledge makes man unfit to be slave

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