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The DC Swamp Always Sticks Together

Bush Endorses, Fund-Raises for Liz Cheney in Reelection Campaign

The One Sure Way to Ensure a Violent Uprising

We all know the Left has near total control of Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, public education, Hollywood, and other major influencers of information. They currently hold the majority of political power. And any honest person knows the censorship, bias, and questionable voting procedures in 2020 were indicative of a fixed election, despite the constant gaslighting of the same media that questioned the 2016 election results regularly for 4 years. But the vast majority of the American public has woken up to the conspiracies of the Ruling Class. They’re sick of the constant erosion of freedom carried out by the Branch Covidians. The anger has reached a level not seen since the Civil War.

However, most of us maintain the hope we can fix things the way we’re supposed to–with elections, starting with the midterms. When Barack Obama ran his massive expansion of government and his screw up of the healthcare system in his first two years in office, the Tea Party led an electoral backlash that kicked the crap out of the Democrats in 2010. Based on Biden’s exceeding all expectations of incompetency, corruption, and overreach, this should happen again in 2022. Democrats know this, so they’re putting in voting verification loopholes to make sure they can once again rely on cheating to keep them in power. If you doubt this, find me ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN IN THE COUNTRY who supports voter ID or any kind of auditing or election verification. They cry racism and other nonsensical crap because they know no honest, common sense arguments can justify fighting these controls.

There is no quicker way to tear the country apart and guarantee a violent backlash than to take away the only peaceful way citizens can fight back against a tyrannical government. If the majority of the country has zero trust in our elections, what recourse do they have? Why should they obey any laws when they feel they have absolutely no way to change them? Election integrity has to be fixed! There is no alternative except American Civil War II.

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