10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me excited for halloween mariah carey all want for christmas
dont go crazy am just go normal from time to time harley quinn
owner dog bark speak cat place of own
50 years ago flying cars in future now woman shopping motorized mask
sponge bob more information you ban less i trust you
joe biden great presidents tested by fire squirt gun gasoline
of course all scientists agree when you censor ones who dont media puppets
biden reassigned horse patrol my security press whipping
joe biden first 8 months summed one photo train wreck
babylon bee newly freed britney spears post apocolytic wasteland california

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet schlavone children fundraisers economics 500 hat
tweet kcdc ask doctor lower expectations for you
tweet wish push through workout like meal emotional eating

Is There Anyone Left in the Country Who Still Believes This BS?

libertarian pelosi claim 3.5 trillion spending bill 0 cost

green new infrastructure pig trillion socialist biden pelosi costs nothing
dumb dumber iou debt as good as gold


A common argument for why kids need to keep their muzzles on all week is that they don’t have a vaccine available to them. We’re only days away from the FDA being pressured into approving the Covid vaccines for kids under 12, which will be followed shortly with mandates from the vast majority of school boards. About 1-2 months after that, the majority of school kids will be vaccinated. Now, raise your hand if you think kids will then be able to FINALLY stop wearing their muzzles all week. If your hand is in the air, use it to slap yourself, because you clearly haven’t been paying attention the past 18 months.

mask mandates using kids as pawns school bus
dr fauci back to school sale latest recommendation bubble wrap gas mask helmet
teachers unions democrats blocking schools science

In Case You Didn’t Think There Was Such a Thing as the Covid Vaccine Cult

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq76QSlRiPo

Quote of the Day

quote beauvoic oppressor wouldnt be so strong without accomplices among oppressed

Message of the Day

message if leave children world never stood up will inherit one they cant

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3 thoughts on “10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. And if you don’t think the cases of Covid are high enough from kids getting it from their “vaccinated” parents as they shed the virus, wait until they are “vaccinated” themselves. Who will the government be blaming then?

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