10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

picture of cat computer mouse mouth
adulthood raining what school gives you to prepare drink umbrella
tom brady kill roger rabbit rest of toontown
hows your day going portapotties car bridge
halloween basketball identify as a pumpkin
how heal without vaccine covid immune system witch burned stake
joe biden breaking bad dependency entitlements lab
biden admin banks 600 stop millionaires billionaires tax cheating wink
truck honk if tired of covid lockdowns masks bullshit
aoc looney tunes racial injustice causes climate change
kamala harris white house bullpen cackle democrats
imagine pandemic so severe can fire healthcare workers
since nobody read 3.5 trillion bill slip in term limits

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zick highly skeptical trust us wont address concerns silence slander anyone challenging
tweet nick freitas company lobbying keep from other options public school system teachers unions
tweet meadows border vaccine or fired illegals free to go

Quotes of the Day

quote ron paul most sinister of all taxes regressive creating money thin air
quote selassie history inaction indifference voice of justice evil triumph

Message of the Day

message when truly dont care anyone thinks of you close to freedom ride free

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