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When I say “Do Not Comply” in regards to Covid restrictions, some people would call me an anarchist. What about Law & Order? How can you have a functioning society without a system of rules? Actually, I believe in following the law. That is, when laws are created the way they’re supposed to be created; in other words, bills approved by both houses of Congress, signed by the President or Governor, with constitutionality approved by the courts–the way the system was designed! Can you think of a single Covid restriction anywhere in the country where this process has been followed? The rules always come from executive orders and dictates from unelected government bureaucrats. Even when these unconstitutional rules are repeatedly struck down by the courts, our communist rulers simply ignore the decisions or reword their dictates to create new court challenges that take time to process, preserving their power indefinitely. The same pattern is being followed around the world by formerly democratic governments of Australia, Canada, France, and so on. Do you think our Founding Fathers would have stood for this? They justifiably would have rebelled, as we should! DO. NOT. COMPLY.

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