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10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Don’t Believe This ‘Whistleblower’ BS

Facebook whistleblower hearing: What to Know

I don’t believe for a second that this is some concerned employee “whistleblower.” This is simply another engineered story to pressure Facebook to increase their libertarian/conservative censorship. The dead giveaway is the emphasis that Facebook “magnifies hate and misinformation.” Facebook’s role as Big Brother Thought Police didn’t really kick in until it failed to censor enough of the truth to prevent Donald Trump’s election over Hillary Clinton. Now, the Ruling Class’s attempt to use Covid to control & manipulate the world is starting to fail. Users are figuring out ways around their censorship, and their leftist-funded “fact” checkers have become such a joke that most people just ignore them. Thus, the pressure on Facebook is ramping up to dedicate even more resources to manipulate information and to crack down on free speech. Notice the non-Fox mainstream media will NEVER, EVER cover a story of libertarian/conservative free speech infringement by Big Tech, no matter how accurate the censored info or how distinguished the credentials of the victim. However, a manufactured story like this will be used by the usual suspects to call for even more destruction of 1st Amendment freedoms…you know, for our own good!

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